Wednesday, November 12, 2014

sharing a few favorites...

I blog for several reasons...  the main reason is probably as simple as I really like to write, to record our days. Another reason is hoping to help far away family feel more connected to what is going on here, in our lives.

I also love reading other's blogs. I enjoy all kinds of different blogs, but lately have especially been enjoying reading DIY blogs. I'm inspired by seeing what other people are doing... their creativity, resourcefulness, and sometimes fearlessness in getting things done around their home or farm. That's a big part of the reason I write about the projects I work on... because I love so much to read about other people's projects!

So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs... some I've been reading for years, and some I've just discovered.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Five Acres and a Dream   ~ Leigh and her husband are homesteading... for reals... on their five acre dream. I love her honesty (sharing the good and the bad) and her resourcefulness. Want to learn how to make cheese or preserve eggs? Leigh can show you how. :)

Little Earthling Blog (AKA Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV) ~ Renee has a busy life; 14 children, 5 of them adopted, plus her own photography business. I love her blog because she has such a wonderful attitude... I'm intimately acquainted with the challenges that can be come with children adopted from foster care, and prenatally exposed to who knows what... and I know that Renee and her husband have experienced some of those challenges. But Renee respects her children's privacy, always writes about them with respect and understanding, and her love for her family shines through every post. (And you can always count on her for gorgeous photos as well!)

Ana White ~ free plans for building everything from light furniture to chicken coops... need I say more?!

A Country Farmhouse (AKA In The Fields) ~ Catherine documents, with beautiful photos, the renovating and decorating of her home. The first house ended up drop dead gorgeous, and now she and her husband have begun work on their new (old) house. Did I mention her photos are absolutely beautiful?

One Project at a Time ~ Erin is fearless. She cuts holes in exterior walls for windows, and moves windows from one place to another... during nap time! (Yes, her kids are still small!) I like following along as she and her extended family fix up their vacation cabin, and I love that they are doing it on a budget! Erin's fearlessness is contagious, reading her blog makes me feel like tearing down a wall or something.  (But I won't ;)

DIY Diva ~ Don't you just love the name of Kit's blog? This is another fearless DIY'er. I haven't been reading Kit's blog long, but I look forward to every post. I love the fact that she pulls no punches, she isn't posting "everything is perfect" posts... and she shares the craziness of her life fixing up her old farmhouse by herself. I love that she has donkeys, and enjoy her sense of humor. I learn from her blog, but it also makes me smile. (Read her brief conversation with a local electrician in this post... it's priceless.)

I have other favorites as well, of course, but these are the ones that I keep up with regularly. So... enjoy... check out one of two of my favorites and tell me what you think...

And leave a comment sharing your favorite blogs, I'd love to find some new favorites to add to my list. :)

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