Monday, December 8, 2014

because I can...

Miss me last week?

I meant to blog every day, but never made it past the good intentions stage of things... R was sick (cough) with a cold (cough, cough) the early part of the week and M had a gastroparesis flare up the end of the week. Between those two things I didn't get much sleep and spent the early morning hours, when I usually blog, either staring vacantly at computer screen or trying to steal a few more minutes of sleep.

I was going to blog early this morning, but ended up outside shoveling manure, cleaning the paddock, instead.

I didn't have to do it... it's supposed to be R's job (I do all the chicken work, she keeps the pasture clean) but the paddock was a mess, and the rake and pitchfork were right there, and so I did it.

Mostly I cleaned the paddock because I could.

And I was appreciating being able to do something as simple as shoveling manure...

A close neighbor, a woman who is just my age, is battling cancer.


After surgery and radiation two years ago to battle breast cancer, and a looooong difficult recovery, her cancer has returned. I won't share the details... they aren't mine to share... but her treatment involves weekly chemo, daily radiation, and a vastly different life than even the one she had after her first battle with cancer.

So I cleaned the paddock because I could... because I was appreciating and so very aware of the sweetness of hard work... thankful for the satisfying heft of the full pitchfork, the earthy barn smell, the freedom to stay outside and work in the morning, the strength in my muscles as I eventually pushed the full wheelbarrow around to the back of the barn to dump on the manure pile. I relished each bit of the time I spent outside working...

But now it's late... I have firewood to bring inside and stack, a kitchen to clean (yes, last night's dinner still isn't clean up!) and later Christmas shopping to do...

Tomorrow I'm bringing dinner to my neighbor and her family, and have become the fill-in driver for her daily radiation treatments... (when her FIL isn't able to drive her). She'll by in my prayers through these so very tough days and weeks of her treatment.

And I'm pretty sure I'm going to appreciate every minute of this ordinary day.

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