Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm not a fan... (aka back to the drawing board)

I've mostly finished up the project to close off the bedroom fireplace. After cutting wood to fit the opening, giving the fireplace a new coat of high-heat paint, and fitting the wood pieces, backed with insulation board, into the fireplace opening, all that was left was adding the "stacked logs" fabric I found at IKEA to the front of the wood.

And that's where the project veered off course...

As soon as I draped the fabric in place (the fireplace screen held it up nicely), I decided I wasn't wild about the mix of patterns... the angular petrified wood that the fireplace is made from, and the large round circles of the logs on the fabric.

But I went ahead and tacked it into place (just using the staple gun) anyway, hoping once it was smoothed and straightened over the wood it would look better. looks about the same, and I'm not a fan. I'm leaving it for now, it's not "hideous" or anything. (I love using that word, it's the same word my oldest daughter used, back when she was a teen, to describe a wall I'd carefully sponge painted. Her passion in hating that wall still makes me smile... )

Anyway... (I'm so easily distracted!) I'm going to leave it for now... but I will probably take the fabric back off at some point and disguise the wood in some other way. I'll also work more on the screen then... I don't want to put much work into it now, when it will probably be coming back off again before long.

I hate it when the picture I have in my head doesn't match how a project turns out.

(Anybody need one yard of stacked logs fabric from IKEA?)

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