Friday, January 16, 2015

blue sky bathroom...

I've been working this week in my bathroom... I started working on adapting the shutters E gave me for the bathroom windows, and then kind of shifted gears. I'd needed to make another trip to Home Depot to buy a bit more wood for the shutters before I could go any further... but M gets so unsettled there... and we'd already been there several times lately... and I woke up Wednesday morning knowing just how I wanted to paint the bathroom... AND I had the paint I needed (leftover from other projects) already in my paint stash.

So... I started painting... a job which includes replacing the baseboard... which was really door moulding. (The previous owners must have gotten a very good deal on a lot of cheap door moulding... they used it everywhere!)

The painting is going well (I decided to do something different, at least for me)... I'm painting the ceiling and top of the walls sky blue, the rest of the walls white, and adding a decorative wood moulding to cover the transition between colors.

Here's a little sneak peak:

I thought that replacing the baseboards was going to be the easy part of the bathroom update... I've already replaced most of the baseboards in the house and none have given me any trouble. (Some of them weren't even attached to the wall... just set in place!) The baseboards in my bathroom had to be different though... I had a bear of a time getting them off.

They hung on so tightly to that wall that, despite scoring it before prying it off, I ended up with spots like this;

Grumble, grumble...

The good part was. by the time I was done pulling the old baseboards off, so many had broken, and it had been so pieced together, that the pieces were small enough to fit into the trash can!

The plan for today (besides spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather we're supposed to have!) is putting up the new baseboards and painting all the trim, and then it's time to start back on the shutter project that got me started in this bathroom in the first place!

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Leigh said...

Shame on those baseboards for not cooperating! A new coat of paint, though, does wonders. Love the color.