Tuesday, January 13, 2015

let the fun begin...

The past few years I've gotten into the habit of spending the first few months of the year working on fix-up projects around the house. With a minimum of outside work needing to be done, no major holidays to plan, and snow and cold keeping us close to home, it seems like the perfect time to tackle some of the larger, inside jobs.... like the jobs I've done in past years... replacing the baseboards and door moldings, painting the kid's rooms, replacing the living room carpet with wood, painting the kitchen island, etc.

This year's agenda is, I think, pretty do-able... hopefully I'll get it done before the weather warms up and it's time to start working outside again.

I want to repaint the main bathroom...


I painted it twice last year, trying to get the right color to match the old (but still good) tub/shower surround. I finally had to stop painting it because we were having company and that bathroom needed to be available... but I've hated the color for a year. Three test pots of paint later, I think I've found the right color. Hopefully I'll get that done later this week...

Shutters in my bathroom. E gave me some old shutters that came off her basement windows. They are old, but cool, with plenty of chippy paint.

At first I tried to use them in "crafty" sorts of ways (Christmas card holder, for example) but then got the idea to try to modify them to fit my three big bathroom windows.

 I was going to make some "prairie shutters" for those windows this year anyway, but the shutters E gave me have louvers... a plus... and they are about the right height... another plus. But there are only two sets (of four shutter pieces) and I have three windows. I have a plan though, for adapting them to make it work, and made some vertical support pieces yesterday and added them to the window (for the hinges to attach to). I'll let you know how the project turns out, I'm hoping to have it done by next week sometime.

Two bigger projects I'm hoping to get to are adding a sliding "barn door" to our basement room, and adding beadboard (also leftover from E's house) to my kitchen island and upgrading it a little in the process.

The "barn door" is a must-do... when we had the basement finished I thought an open doorway, between the back room and the mudroom, would look best. It's a very small basement, and I didn't want it to feel too cut up. But... I've found that sometimes I want or need to close that room off (it's visible from the living room when the basement door is open) and it's frustrating that I can't.

Joe even got me a Kreg jig for Christmas just so I could build that door. (I have to build the door because the opening isn't a standard size.) I was playing with my new jig the other day, figuring out how to use it, and made this tiny chalkboard out of some old wood I had laying around... I think building the door will be fun!


I also have a few smaller projects I'm hoping to get to; painting my bathroom and replacing those baseboards and door moldings (they didn't get done when I did the rest), and replacing a few overhead lights... I'm looking forward to the next few months and excited to get started on the projects I've been thinking about since last spring!

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