Wednesday, January 7, 2015

lunar love

As I left the house early yesterday morning, heading to the barn to feed, I was literally stopped in my tracks by the beauty... the brilliance... of the full moon over the barn.

It seemed to be hanging over the horizon... playing peek a boo through the drifting clouds. So, of course, I had to run back inside the house for the camera... to try and catch even a bit of it's beauty before it dropped below the hill and was gone.

I so love the moon.. especially a full moon. It's only since moving away from the city that I've really appreciated it though... in the city, it was just another light in the sky, competing with street lights, headlights, and signs advertising everything from the grocery store on the corner to the church up on the hill.

Here it's the big show... and I love it's soft, magical light each month.

None of my pictures truly capture the brillance of that moon... but I'll keep trying... and there is nothing better than starting the day being stopped in my tracks by it's beauty.

This has always been one of my most comforting saying ~

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