Wednesday, January 28, 2015

temporarily unplugged... (and a project update)

.... that's the short story of last week.

My computer ended up with a virus, which left it virtually unusable...

And then I broke my (new!) cell phone.

It felt odd not to have either one of them working.

But I did take that time to keep working on my bathroom, and I have to say I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

I spent most of the week working on adding shutters to the bathroom windows. I started out with these two sets of old bi-fold shutters that came off the basement windows in daughter E's house... She didn't need them, but they were too good to just throw away...

I liked the chippy paint, and wanted more privacy for the big windows in my bathroom...

My plan was to somehow adapt and recycle these old shutters to fit the bathroom windows. The height of the shutters was perfect, but unfortunately, the bathroom windows are MUCH wider than the little basement windows the shutters came off of... so I had to get creative.

I finally decided to take the shutters apart, and use two louvers shutter sections, and two newly made solid sections for each of the three windows. Using them that way would give me enough width to span the window, and hopefully look intentional.

I bought some of the better grade pine at Home Depot, and had one piece ripped to size there, because of the strange widths of my windows, and then started taking the shutters apart, and cutting the wood to fit, and then putting them back together again and mounting them on the windows.

I mounted vertical supports between each of the three windows for mounting, so I wouldn't have too many holes in the windows frames... (Just in case this turned out to be a huge fail! I was planning ahead...) Here's a picture of one of the vertical support pieces... i'st just held on with a couple of finishing nails.

I'd already started hanging the shutters in that photo... a looong process that involved hanging a couple of the sections twice to get them as straight and level as possible on a window that, like the rest of the house, isn't as square as you would expect a window to be!

Lots of wood putty and paint later... here's the finished product..

I do love how they turned out.

Plenty of light when I want light, but plenty of privacy too. It was kind of a long, too-much-math-for-me project, but I'm so glad I did it. Just a little more baseboard work and the bathroom is DONE. Pictures soon... (unless my computer crashes again!)

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