Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrifting Thursday (antique postcard)

We worked at the thrift store today. We really are there to work, not shop, but it's impossible not to be tempted, at least a little, to "rescue" a few little things here and there.

Today I rescued an antique postcard that was destined to be "passed along". (ie: donated to Goodwill, which is what happens to items that aren't nice enough to sell at our store...) The postcard was tied on, with a scrap of ribbon, to the arm of a hideous stuffed rabbit. The rabbit looked like a cross between a rag doll and a bunny, made of flowery fabric, and dressed in a frilly dress. Interestingly, it appeared to have a beard made of some tufts of fluffy faux fur attached just below it's mouth. Glued onto one of it's arm was a tiny basket filled with teeny tiny Christmas ornaments, the postcard was tied onto the other arm.

It's really impossible to accurately describe the strangeness of this stuffed rabbit... it looked like some kind of disturbed mix of Christmas and Easter.

Except for the postcard, which was charming.

The strange rabbit was headed for Goodwill, so I asked for the postcard.... it really seemed to need rescuing.

It has the sweetest verse on the front...

... and an equally nice little note on the back.

It's darkened a bit with age, and has a bit of water damage on one corner, but those things just add to it's character... and, of course, it also has a hole punched in one side where it was tied onto the hideous bunny.

It's dated December, 15, 1926...

... and it's a lovely addition to our postcard collection.

Speaking of postcards, the kids and I are still having a great time with Postcrossing... We've sent out, and received just over 100 postcards since we joined back in the fall of 2013. You can read about our Postcrossing adventures here and here.

Edited to add: Just for fun I looked up the address the postcard was sent to and found this little bungalow:

It was a fairly new home when that card was sent...

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