Monday, February 23, 2015

diggin' out... catchin' up

The blog's been quiet the past week or so... there is no particular reason, good, bad or otherwise... except maybe Joe's current work schedule which requires me to get up (so I can get HIM up) at 4:30 each morning. 

That's too early for me. 

By an hour or so. (I'm SO not looking forward to "springing forward" with daylight savings time in a couple of weeks!) The early mornings tend to be my blogging time, but at 4:30 I'm not awake enough to think, much less write. Which has resulted in a quiet, neglected, blog.

I do eventually wake up though, and have been getting things crossed off my home project to-do list...

I pinned this photo the other day, thinking it would be the perfect way to store my old tin measuring cups. 

After over-thinking it for days, and almost deciding it would be too much work and skipping it altogether...

... I had a burst of energy, adapted the idea for my kitchen, and got it done. I do love how it turned out. 

The mudroom (which is in our tiny basement, off the garage) has been getting a mini-makeover in preparation for building and hanging a barn door to close it off from the spare room.  Here's the new almost done rack for barn coats, it still needs another row of hooks across the bottom... Can you guess what the wood base is made from?

The track for the barn door is up, and I have a plan for how I want to build it...

... next up will be buying the lumber and getting it built and hung. 

I've also been spending a fair amount of time shoveling snow and hauling firewood. We had a pretty good snow storm over the weekend (a foot or so of snow on the ground; a high yesterday of 9 degrees) but the trail to the barn is shoveled, and the house is warm. 

It's supposed to be a cold, snowy week... I'm guessing I'll being seeing a lot more of the snow shovel before it's all said and done. 

Stay warm! 

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