Friday, February 6, 2015

fixing a dirty little secret, and finishing the blue sky bathroom

Remember when I painted my bathroom vanity about a year and a half ago?  I loved the change from the orange-y 1970's wood to a sleek black.

(This picture was taken before we moved in... the pink carpet is LONG gone!)

The vanity looked good... it looked finished... unless you got down on your hands and knees and peaked underneath.  Which no one did of course.

But if you had this is what you would have seen:

A big glaring dust-kitty catcher where the toe kick should have been.

It was gross...

I'd had the plan, when I first painted the vanity, to add a toe kick and also some chunky little legs. I even bought the legs... but then I got busy and, you know... out of sight out of mind... and I never got that last little bit done.

Until now.

All it took was a $3.00 piece of 1x3, a little creativity with the miter saw, and a little black paint. I'm not sure why I put it off for so long...

Measuring, cutting, painting and installing the 1x3 was easy. To attach it to the vanity, I just marked where the side supports were underneath the vanity, pre-drilled the toe kick, and used a few finishing nails to attach it.

Better, yes?

Unfortunately, the chunky little legs I'd bought back in 2013 to put under the front of the vanity were too wide to fit... With the toe kick in place, they ended up sticking out past the front of the vanity. I measured the space and realized that cutting one of the legs in half would give me just the right size to fit, and would make it easier to install because of the newly created flat side.

But how to cut that round little ball of wood in half without cutting off a finger or two in the process?

I ended up using scrap wood to make a box that held the leg tightly, making one side of the box extend out an extra 8" or so to use as a handle. Then all I had to do was hold the handle and cut the whole box in half with the miter saw. The leg was held firmly in place, my hands were far from the blade, and one leg ended up two.

(Towards the bottom of the cut one half got a little bigger, but it doesn't show now that they're in place.)

A little wood glue, and the vanity is finally done...

I like how the little legs update it, and give it a much more finished look... (MUCH more finished than the gaping dust bunny catcher!)

All that's left is painting the bathroom door, the rest of the room is done...

It hasn't changed much, but it's amazing how much the new paint brightens it up,  and I do love the shutters...

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