Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the day that never ends... (but eventually did)

When M was little he loved to watch "Lambchop" with Shari Lewis. I have no idea why he loved that show so much. I remember it being around when I was a kid, and it seemed really dated by the time M was watching... but he loved and and wanted to watch it every day.

I didn't.

I especially disliked the song they ended the show with... "The Song That Doesn't End" Each and every time I heard that song it got stuck in my head. That insipid song tortured me...

Just in case you aren't familiar with it, here's a clip... (misery loves company you know..)

Yesterday was the real life version of the song that doesn't end... only it was the day that didn't end... it "just goes on and on my friend". Yesterday just went on and on and on and on and on. I'd decided to schedule a bunch of doctor's appointments on one day, rather than spreading them out over several days... I thought it made sense to get them over with all at once.

It probably did make sense... they're done and out of the way now... but it was a looooooooong day... it just went on and on.

The day started with M's steroid injection. It was done at a surgical center, and was as quick and easy as something like that can be. (We're still waiting to see how much it's going to help, he should be getting good pain relief by the end of the week.) We celebrated it being OVER with Krispy Kreme donuts.... Mmmm. Then back to Parker, where I had an appointment to get a couple of old silver fillings replaced, and a months overdue mammogram. Along the way we stopped at the bank, then picked up M's new (to him) computer... (his old one, a freeby from the thrift store, finally gave up the ghost) shopped at Costco, made an emergency run to Petsmart for hamster medicine for my youngest grandson's pet, and finally made it home, for good, around 5:00... just in time to cook dinner and collapse.

R went to bed last night praying for an ice storm.

I was praying for a blizzard.

Either of which would have kept us home today.

We did wake up to a light dust of snow in the air, barely sticking to the ground, and no ice at all...

Despite the lack of major weather events, it looks like today will be a much easier day... a uke lesson for R this morning, and her new karate class this afternoon. I think I can manage that...

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Renee Nefe said...

for some odd reason, I seem to have those kind of days all the time...
I can remember once a few years ago where we had 3...YES 3 field trips on the same day!!! Yes, I am crazy!

now our never ending days are typically during tech week...oh hey, that's this week! Today I got up, went across town to buy a pair of shoes (because the ones I ordered got stuck in the bad weather), then we went to the costume warehouse (that had no power so we had to find stuff in the dark!), then to Walmart, then lunch, then home to grab our stuff and get hair & make up done...then to the theater where they ran a que to que and then the show...but we were running late so they kicked us out at 9. And then back again tomorrow at 8:30 for the show to start.
Loads of vitamin C this week! and take out