Wednesday, March 18, 2015

getting worse before it gets better...

Ever notice how, with many fix-up projects, things tend to look worse.... sometimes much worse... before they start looking better?

The ugly green cupboard I bought last week is a perfect example of that. On Friday, I shared pictures of me taking the saw to it... and that was only part of the "worse" this cupboard has gone through in the past week.

Here's where it started:

It had been painted very lightly with shiny green paint (I think they were trying for an antiqued look, but missed the boat) and had prints of old seed packets glued randomly on the front.

The seed packet prints came off before it even made it into the house... they were that ugly!

The inside wasn't much better... more bad paint, a couple of shelves and plenty of grime.

I loved the size and shape of the cabinet though, and could envision it sitting in my kitchen looking something like this...

 ... with at least one shelf filled with my vintage cookbooks.

But first it had to get worse.

It shouldn't have been a hard thing to take the center panel out of the door and replace it with wire. But the cupboard is well made, and it wasn't giving up the middle of it's door without a fight.

After trying to remove what looked like tiny molding pieces holding the panel in...

... and ending up with a splintered mess, I realized that they were part of the door (the door seemed to have been assembled around that center panel!)...

...and ended up taking the door apart as little as possible, then sawing the center panel in half so it could be lifted out in pieces.

Eventually leaving me with this:

Which I already liked so much better!

Next up was adding the chicken wire where the panel had been...

I bought some tiny strips of oak to fit in the newly created grooves in the door and hold the wire in, and got some chicken wire from E (who happened to have a whole roll in her barn... lucky me!) but once I got it cut to size I realized that it didn't look right for the little cupboard... the openings in the mesh seemed too large. But as I was wondering what to do, I found a piece of old hardware cloth out in my chicken shed and knew it was perfect. I liked the smaller rectangular spaces in the wire much better.

The hardware cloth is made from a heavier grade wire than the chicken wire so it was a little harder to wrestle into place, but in the end it saw things my way and I finally started thinking this project might actually come together!


I moved the cupboard upstairs to make sure I wanted it in the dining room, finished all the wood puttying and sanding I had left over from the battle to get the door panel out, and started painting yesterday.

I'm so excited to get it finished, hopefully by the end of the week...

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