Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thrifting Thursday (small kitchen cupboard)

So... the ugly green cupboard I bought a week ago or so to fix up is finally finished.

And it has ended up being one of my all-time favorite projects. I can't believe how well it turned out... especially after all the trouble it gave me along the way!

 Here's a reminder of where it started (shudder, shudder)

And after the center panel of the door was removed and replaced with wire (hardware cloth)... it was still ugly but getting there...

And now, all finished... Better, yes?

I painted it with the same white I use for most of the woodwork in the house (it has no name, I have it mixed from an old color-match color), and then lightly distressed it.

I'd noticed as I'd sanded it before painting, that there were some nice colors hidden under that hideous green, like baby blue and buttercup yellow. I wanted them to show through a bit... to expose a little of the history of the cupboard, and I knew that as I sanded and exposed the green it would contrast with the white paint and highlight the lines of the cupboard.

So that's what I worked towards as I distressed it...

I carefully preserved and reused the original latch pieces... an interesting round headed screw...

...that fits into this:

I made new shelves for it, that part was easy... but was temporarily stumped about a what do to about a knob or handle. As I had worked on the door, I saw that the cupboard pull it came with was not original... that it had originally had a single knob on the door, not a pull. So I filled the holes left by the pull, and drilled out the hole (still visible on the inside) from the original knob. But what kind of knob to use? I knew it had to be simple to match the cupboard and after playing around with several ideas, I remembered a bunch of old wooden spools of thread I'd picked up at the thrift store. I went through my little collection and found one just the right size.

It may not be on the cupboard forever, but I do like it for now and it seems to fit...  I even searched through Joe's stash of nuts and screws to find a old slotted head screw long enough to hold the spool-knob on since all the other screws on the cupboard (hinges, latch) are slotted, not phillips, head.

The cupboard is just the right size to hold a basket with my mandolin music on the top shelf:

My favorite vintage cookbooks on the second shelf:

The antique canisters Joe got me for Christmas one year on the next shelf:

And my favorite Fischer-Price barn set (circa 1967) on the bottom shelf:

This project was tough... the wood is old and brittle and the door was soooo difficult to take apart so I could replace the center panel with wire...

But it was worth every splinter and frustration.

I'm seriously crazy about this little cupboard now...

... and it has a new lease on life. It's amazing what a little paint and wire can do, isn't it?

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