Thursday, April 9, 2015

kitchen garden spruce up (making the beds)

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground and cold, gray skies... Such a change from the beautiful sunny weather we've had so far this week.

I took advantage of all that beautiful weather to work out in my little kitchen garden... getting it spruced up and ready for another gardening season.

My kitchen garden is so tiny (just 10' x 12') that it's easy to "rearrange" and "remodel" and each spring I do a little of that... changing things around, making it fresh and new again.

I'd been thinking about adding a couple of small raised beds out there this year, and the raised beds that E is putting in at her house inspired me to buy some lumber and get going on that idea...

I bought BIG lumber for a change... usually I buy the smaller stuff... and came home with some 2x12's and 2x8's) for my beds. I decided to put the taller bed next to the house and the smaller one closer to the yard for a step-down look.

The beds were easy to build... just a couple of cuts, a few holes pre-drilled, and a few screws. Easy.

I bought some bags of garden soil and hauled some dirt from the pumpkin patch to mix with, to fill the beds.

Then I did a little more rearranging... moving the big pot to the other side of the garden (it's currently holding chives that had to be relocated to put in the raised beds... the ones that survive will be given away, as I don't need them), transplanting some sweet william around the pot, and adding a stone border. Once the weather warms more the pot will hold a cherry tomato plant...

I'd already moved the compost bin that used to be next to the rhubarb plants, which opens up that space (to the left of the rhubarb) for planting...

I think I'm going to put in something flowering there, possibly a dwarf lilac or something similar, that will give me blooms without spreading beyond the small space available, or shading the rhubarb too much.

The last step is to finish adding more cedar mulch to the walkway between the beds and maybe build a cucumber frame for the smaller bed... something like this:


This morning's snow is melting quickly from the yard and pastures and it's supposed to start warming up again tomorrow. I can't wait to get back out in the garden and finish up... and then it's only a few more weeks (ok... maybe 5 more weeks) to planting!

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Renee Nefe said...

that looks like something I should do. Maybe tomorrow when it doesn't look as if the sky is falling. ;)