Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sixty-Four Million years ago...

....our now semi-arid land was a rainforest... lush and tropical.

With lots of trees.

Tress that died and eventually petrified...

... leaving pieces of themselves for us to find and marvel over.

Our whole area is rich with petrified wood. There is a large marker in the town park made of petrified wood.

The fireplace in our master bedroom is made from petrified wood. (It's from a petrified tree they found when they dug the foundation.)

But we still get excited about finding pieces of it... and after every big storm, small pieces will have worked their way to the surface for us to find. (Notice the little pile of petrified wood on the hearth...)

After I moved the trough I got from Mr G to it's new spot by the chimney, I decided to prune the old juniper bush that's up there. Once it was done it looked nice and neat but the area next to it.. between the porch steps and the fence... looked terrible in contrast. There was a million cottonwood leaves, weeds, etc. and I decided it needed straightening too.

As I pulled the weeds and dug the old leaves out of this little area, I found some good sized pieces of petrified wood. Since I'd decided to lay down some pine needle mulch there, I wanted to get that ancient wood out of there before it was buried in mulch. I started feeling around in the dirt and realized the whole area was full of petrified wood! I kept digging through the finding more pieces until I had this huge pile...

It doesn't look like much when it's dirty... but once it's cleaned up it's beautiful!

I soaked it all in a wheelbarrow of water, and scrubbed the dirt off each piece.

What a treasure.... each piece's shape, colors and marking are unique and just beautiful!

There was very old landscaping fabric under most of the petrified wood I found, but there was so much dirt and debris on top that I'm guessing that pile of petrified wood was probably left over from when Annie and her husband built our house 40 years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the last remnants of the petrified tree they'd found when digging the foundation....

The question was.... what to do with all this petrified wood? I already have little piles of petrified wood everywhere... inside on the hearth, outside by the flower bed... and we're always finding new, pretty, pieces here and there.

So this big newly found collection forced me to come up with a plan for it... a way we could see and enjoy it, rather than keeping it in haphazard little piles here and there.

After thinking about it I finally came up with an idea for holding and displaying it... but since this post has already gotten very loooong....  I'll post about what I did with all the petrified wood I found tomorrow.

Oh, and here's the little area I was cleaning out when I found the wood... finished off with a thick layer of pine needle mulch, and some stones (not petrified wood!) to finish it off.

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Renee Nefe said...

Yesterday I was at our church's construction site praying. We had a meeting for some permits that day and wanted to pray over everything.

While there I walked around and found a lot of petrified wood. Since the wood is made stronger under pressure that held meaning for me and I placed 7 pieces on our altar (I was walking around the building 7 times). I also found some extra that I took home to enjoy for a while, but will return to the church once it is complete.