Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (shed construction #5)

Well, our summer shed construction project is finally starting to wind down towards completion...

It's been a busy couple of weeks... Joe added the plexiglass-type stuff on the gable ends of the shed (for light and to break up all that beadboard) and I've been trimming and painting (and painting and trimming and painting...)

Here's how it looked after I trimmed out the corners with 1x4's, matching the trim I'd put around the door a few weeks earlier. Just that made such a big difference... the corners had been pretty torn up and looked unfinished... the trim hid all the rough spots and made the corners looks nice and tidy.  (And yes, I do like tidy...;)


Then I painted the doors with some leftover "liquid vinyl" paint E gave me (leftovers from her house). I'm still going to finish the outside of the doors for a barn wood look, but thought the basic wood underneath should be sealed before putting the "barn wood" on. I painted the foundation boards around the bottom with the same paint, and caulked and primed everything else.

(It did look very ugly primer white...  but it didn't stay that color long!)


I should have kept on painting then, but instead I decided to
waste an afternoonupgrade from the board/cement block we'd been using the keep the doors shut in the wind to a real latch, and installed an extra stall latch I found out in the barn. It might be switched out for something a little nicer later on (Joe has an old cast iron latch he wants to use)  but this is working for now... (Pretend you don't see how crooked the latch is hung... it was a BEAR to hang... despite careful measuring and two trips to the barn to see just  how the ones on the stalls are hung, it still took me three tries to get it even close to right!)

Then Joe put up this plexiglass type stuff that neither of us can remember the name of... It's supposed to be stronger than plexiglass which Joe thought would be good considering all the wind we get out here. (He later added extra bracing through the center of each gable to protect the window in case of a heavy snow load...)

Doesn't it look nice??

(You can see the two tone paint as I had already started painting the finish coat on the shed when this picture was taken.)


Next, I painted the bottom of the shed the same color as the stucco on the house, and used our house trim color to paint the  gable ends and trim pieces.



The last step was adding a piece of 1x2" trim between the top and bottom of the shed (to hide the seam) and more caulking and more painting... until finally, as of yesterday, all the basic painting is done. (I'm still planning on adding a bit of barn art to the back (road) side... :)



Still left for me to do is adding wood to the doors, making some kind of a stone "foundation" to close off the area underneath the shed (to keep creatures, like skunks, from moving in when it gets cold) and painting a bit of barn art. Joe still needs to add some shelves inside, and build a ramp for the snow plow to get in and out.

It sounds like kind of a lot left to do, but considering where we started, I'm super happy... the end is in sight!!

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