Thursday, September 26, 2013

barn quilt

I guess it's time to post some pictures of the "barn art" I painted on the shed.

I painted a barn quilt... something  I've always wanted to paint on the barn, but because of the height of our barn haven't been able to. Unlike fabric quilts, which consist of many quilt blocks connected into a pattern, barn quilts are usually just a single quilt block pattern painted onto a barn (or other building), or painted onto a wooden base that is mounted on the barn. In some parts of the country there are many barns with quilts, but not so much here in Colorado. I did find a quilt "trail" in Morgan County that the kids and I might have to drive up to see one day soon. You can read more about barn quilts here.

But back to our barn quilt...

I found a quilt block pattern I liked (just a regular one for fabric)... one that didn't have too much fine detail, and I thought would look good in solids (no way I was going to try and paint a pattern!). I drew it out on graph paper and played around with colors, eventually cutting up paint chips to make the pattern so I could see the actual colors I would be using next to each other.



Then I decided how big I was going to make it (mine is 7' square), and from there it was simple work to enlarge the pattern and draw it out on the back (road side) of the shed. You can see the design I picked is basically just nine squares with varying amounts of detailing... so I just divided my 7' square into thirds each direction and used a straight edge to draw the detailing.

And then it was just a matter of painting it on. :)

The painting took about four hours total, spread over a couple of days (and I still need to get back out there and do some touch up). I didn't tape off my lines, I thought it would be way more trouble that it was worth... I can paint a pretty straight line, so I just free-handed it.

I painted one color at a time, finishing up both coats (three coats of the yellow) before moving on to the next color.



(The masking tape around the edge of the quilt didn't serve any purpose while I was painting, it was leftover from when I was planning the size of the quilt... it gave me a visual of how big it would be.)


Ta-da! All finished...


Some detail... my lines aren't perfect by any stretch, but from a distance you don't see the mistakes. ;)


The only thing I might some day change are the green areas of the square... they seem to get "lost" in the other colors... I'm wondering if they might look better either white or black.

But that's another day...

So there is my second bit of "barn art".  :) I like this picture because you can see my first barn art in the background... "Mr Barn" (so named by a very young neighbor) still happily smiling out at the world. (You can read more about "Mr Barn" here.)

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