Tuesday, August 19, 2014

coop quilt... finished!

I finished my little barn coop quilt over the weekend, and I think it's my favorite barn art so far...

I've always loved that barn red paint (the name of the paint is "barn" and it's a Sherwin Williams color) and especially love how it looks paired with white.

It ended up taking three coats of white to cover, so I spent a fair amount of time sitting out by the coop painting... (and almost as long touching up the red!)

It was worth it though... I love looking out the back window and seeing the happy little coop sitting out there...

I'm almost done fixing it up... I put trim pieces around the opening from the coop into the run, and yesterday had some fun building a little roof over it out of some scrap piece of wood and galvanized metal I had laying around.

Yes, it's totally unnecessary... it was a just-for-fun little project.

I still need to add a door into the coop (right now it's just some wire on a frame held up with carabiners), I'll probably work on that today. I found some wood for it yesterday (Thank you E!) and cut it to size, today I'll finish painting it and hopefully get it hung.

Look... even the hens are enjoying their little bit of barn art!

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