Friday, September 19, 2014

the end is in sight...

The end of a super busy week, that is.

It's been one of those weeks that somehow ended up involving way more running around than works for us...

Here's a what this week's craziness looked like:

Monday (our quietest day): Home Depot trip for a little project I was working on for M, lunch out, shop for K's birthday then home and school time. The donkey farrier (yes we have two now, one for each equine!) came at dinner time to trim Tucker's hooves and freaked out about a crack R had found in one of Murphy's hooves.

Before it got too dark we pulled out the duct tape and vet wrap to make the big guy a lovely do-it-yourself boot.

Tuesday: Worked on M's project in the morning, then a quick (?!) trip to the DMV to get M a new state ID card.  (His had expired over a year ago, and he needed a current one...) An hour and a half wait and $11. got him a new ID card, then another quick (?!) stop at the Post Office to mail K's birthday gifts to Ghana. By the time we left the P.O. the afternoon was over, and we only had time for a quick (for real this time) dinner at home before the kid's RCC meeting.

Wednesday: R's uke lesson in the park in the morning, then lunch, school time, working on M's project and grocery shopping. It was back to town in the evening for the kid's RCC book club.

Thursday: Early morning doctor appointment for R, then home, lunch and leaving again to work at the thrift store... then home, dinner and leaving again for game night at the rec center. (M's project didn't get worked on and he let me know... all day long... that I wasn't working on it!)

Friday: Another early morning doctor appointment (for M this time), but first we had to lead Murphy out to the driveway, unwrap his hoof, and send pictures of the crack to his farrier. I sent a few photos, wrapped the hoof back up again, but then the farrier texted asking for one more photo. Unwrap, take picture, rewrap... run the horse to the barn, run the kids out the door to the doctor. One more stop at Home Depot for M's project, then home, school time, and finally finishing up M's little project.

Whew, I'm glad this week is almost over... Tomorrow is EARLY morning bowling, then picking up S for the weekend, shopping for the homecoming dance, and the St Joseph community get-together in the evening... I'll be wiped out by bedtime!

Want to see the project I made for M? (If you've read this far you deserve to!)

I made him a little drop down desk, from an old drawer, for his laptop.

M's room is small (no really - it's small) but he's wanted a desk for his laptop. I hated taking up prime real estate in there with a desk that would only become (another) catchall... So I made one that takes up no floor space, and will fold up out of the way when it's not being used.

(The front of the drawer is at the top, I added a couple of 1x3's to the sides to build them out to match the old shelf I used as the fold down part of the desk. I also added a 1x2 across the top back, inside, to better hold the weight when attached to the wall. There are no "before" photos since I literally made it up as I went along and had no idea it would ever turn into anything!)


This was my favorite kind of project, made from nothing but scrap wood...the only things I had to buy were the latch, hinges and chain. (How lovely after approximately 47 trips to Home Depot buying wood for the shed!)

Next week looks to be calmer than this week... thank goodness. I could use some time at home to get things caught up!

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